About the automated bans in response to botters/gold sellers

So, I remember a couple of weeks ago everyone was freaking out about the bots, afkers, blade and soul gold sellers, ninja looters, and exploiters. NC Soft responded that they would get right on it with automated measures.
We are now seeing those automated measures. As expected, because this was such a rush job, these measures are coming up with lots of false positives. I’m sure everyone could see this coming from NC Soft’s statement two weeks ago on Twitch.

I don’t really know how they can test for false positives except for putting it out and seeing what happens, which is what they are doing. I’m sure that they are fine tuning it as well. NC Soft devs are probably in panic mode about this, and we can see this from some of the posts from the moderators.

Now, if they turn off the automated banning, there is once again no real way for it to be tested, so we’re left with just the reports. Those are being abused, so would need to shut those off too, in which case we are right back where we started two weeks ago.

Do we want to continue giving this ago with the banning/unbanning while NC Soft debugs it all, or do we want to just give up and go back to two weeks ago? It will assuredly get better. The dev team is working as fast as they can, which is why we are seeing all of the problems we are seeing. They are trying to respond to the community and keep everyone happy. These actions have lead to unintended consequences. There is an old saying, “be careful what you wish for.” In this case, the community wished and these are the consequences.

I’ve put a ton of money into this game too and will be rank 10 once I login to set my Warlock up. If I’m banned for no reason, rather than rage about it, I’ll discuss things that could have been flagged to help the dev team better the ban automation.

Yes, you guys are the customers of NC Soft, but you guys have been pretty merciless and toxic from day 1 : (. I’m a person that specializes in game development myself and my job is in software engineering. I’m also a long time MMORPG player.

The Diablo 3 launch was a disaster, but Blizzard had done a lot of stress testing before then to try and make it as smooth as possible. Even then, it exceeded their wildest expectations, which resulted in death. The dev teams worked tirelessly to fix it. You can be sure that the community was raging as hard as this community is raging now, despite the dev team’s best efforts to resolve the issues. After several years, Diablo 3 is now a wonderful game and has evolved into the game that the community has asked for. From what I’ve seen of what NC Soft is doing with Blade & Soul, we can expect the same treatment that the players of Diablo 3 got from Blizzard. You can’t expect it to happen instantly though.

I just think that people need to show a little more empathy. Taiwan had an even rougher start when launching Blade & Soul, and it was offline for what, a full year? FF14 was also a complete disaster, and after many, many patches, resulting in essentially a complete remake, it turned into a beautiful MMO.

Throwing a tantrum isn’t going to accomplish anything. Trying to start a war with NC Soft is also not going to accomplish anything. If we want this to be fixed asap, it’s in our best interest to instead work with the dev team and let them know exactly what we were doing when the account was flagged for a ban.

I know plenty of people just want to get into a game and start playing it, but plenty of MMORPGs have pretty rough starts. You can usually treat the first 6 months to a year when the game is open to the public as an “open beta.” A closed beta isn’t going to catch the same problems that an open beta will catch. This game never got an open beta, just an immediate launch. I’m sure we can all now see the value in an open beta, even if that open beta is just a label stating that the game might have problems ; ).

I’m not trying to be a white knight or anything here. From what I’ve seen, NC Soft is responding to the community and is being very understanding and they are putting forth their best effort. Give it time ^_^. Just like some of those other games I listed, this game will get on track soon enough.

And thank you NC Soft. I’ve been very pleased with what I’ve been seeing =D. Keep up the good work! I’m sure that at this pace, within 3 months, we’re going to have a real gem here ; ).

fyi, when Hellgate London came out, I couldn’t get into the game for the first couple of months. I had bought a lifetime subscription + collector’s edition. I wasn’t raging on the forums. I first looked up solutions for people with the same problem and tried all of them. After none of them worked, I made a post about it putting out what I tried. One post, no rage, sensible : ). After that, I helped people on other threads using the research I had done until my own problem was resolved =). I’m thinking that this approach might be a smarter way to go about these things ^_-.

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