About abusing weird game mechanics in world PvP respawn

I have noticed weird situation with respawn after being killed near respawn point in world PvP. While I’m still seeing game loading screen it seems that my model already in game and ready to take damage from any enemy player. In result, after loading screen, when I can control my character I already took a lot of damage and was dead

So, if your enemy want to abuse it – he simply can stay near respawn point and attack you again and again FOR FREE BEFORE you actually will get vision and control over your character.
I have died like that many times in a row and I have killed ppl like that a lot too. It simply if you want you can torture your victim with 0% chance to fight you back.

Ofc, I can wear off my pvp costume, wait when I “fully respawn” and put it on, but hey! – it’s feels like a workaround to avoid obviously wrong mechanics I don’t want run off, I want fight back, but with that mechanics I can’t do it.

It not a complain, like “oh no, I’m killed by bad guy” I want pvp, I love pvp, I just don’t want to be punched like a dummy when I’m looking in my loading screen.

And my suggestion:

Maybe it should be some “after respawn” invulnerability timer like 3 second or so when player can’t attack or being attacked. It’s kinda typical solution that many other games have, right?

What you think about it guys?

Some faction quest cancels if you take off your uniform. And I feel it strange that I must do just because some scrub want to abuse mechanics Even with whole explanation you still don’t get the point what I’m talking about: game allows to kill character during loading. As a veteran PvP oriented player I can hardly call it “feature”. What reason in it?

I would like to hear an official developers opinion about that if it’s possible – is this a “feature” or a “bug”.

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