A very “funny” story of loot auction

You and I, we both have to agree that Blackram Narrows is one of the most frustrating dungeons in the game to all newbies. The Blight weapon’s drop rate is funny and it’s untradeable. So sometimes, it takes you only the first time to get your class specific weapon, but sometimes, it takes you 20-30 times – no lie. And because of the mechanics of the game, you just cannot skip it. I got such a funny story to tell, related to the newest event of Soul Fighter Release in NA.
I decided to create a Kungfu Master when the event was released, instead of creating a Soul Fighter. After a few hours, I was able to reach level 20ish, and Blackram Narrows time, (Yay?! No?! Lol). And it was just like what I expected, based on the poor luck with my old chars, I had to run the dungeon with different parties almost 20 times to see the very first BLIGHT GAUNTLETS. It was dropped from the last boss, not from opening my own chest. There was no other Kungfu Master in the party, only me, so I expected other guys would give up bidding on this one for me. But HELL NO, surprisingly!

A Soul Fighter kept bidding against me, no matter how many times I told him “You cannot use this!”. And when the bid reached around 24 silver, I couldn’t bid anymore but gave up, furiously. He might have thought that Soul Fighter and Kungfu Master share the same weapon??? I told him, “Hey, you cannot use this, why did you keep bidding, dude?! This is not nice at all!”. May be only until that time, he realized that he really couldn’t use it, he answered, “But I can sell it! Lol…”. “Yeah, good luck with that. Don’t you notice that it’s untradeable?! You just paid 24 silver for nothing!”. Yeah… And he shut his mouth up.

So after a whole day struggling with the famous BLACKRAM NARROWS dungeon, I finally saw a BLIGHT GAUNTLETS, and it was fallen into a dumb*ss guy without a clue. How fascinating! Any comment?? Cause I can’t wait to see what you guys think about the case. Lol

P.S.: To those who are still wondering what I did after that: I gave up on my Kungfu Master. Peace out!

Actually, I’ve heard yesterday from my friend, who plays Soul Fighter, that she couldn’t bid for the Blight Bracers neither. After several tens of times running, the only Blight Bracers dropped was successfully bid by another Soul Fighter with 1 Gold. Lol… So yeah, Blackram Narrows is the most bloodily-stupidly-hottest dungeon at the moment. If you’re a newbie, good luck with the game.

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