A lot of the higher level/ap players have this elitist attitude

I’m making this mainly as a “grow up” sort of post. A lot of the higher level/ap players have this elitist attitude where they expect everyone to play the way they do. They don’t consider that people might be new or still learning about the game. What I’m trying to get at is, be kind to each other. Its embarrassing and it hurts to be on the new player. Getting talk down on and being treated as an idiot ruins the sense of community this game gives. Yes people can be stupid sometimes but don’t say it to their face. You wouldn’t want someone to do that to you so don’t do it to others. Be kind and help each other learn.


Keep in mind that perhaps why these other players are so obnoxious and OP is because they’re kids who sit at home and have nothing else to do. I’ve done plenty of parties where those sorts of players are absolutely unavoidable and frustrating, but just pull through. Ntm there are functions you can use to mute this person, that or just ignore them.

These like happens to me yesterday in soguns lament its really hard to find party mates they always say noob and dumb if I dont do the mechanics properly i mean I’m new to the dungeon also its been 3hours and i havent clear the dungeon yesterday and later I will try it again it’s sucks and it saddens me a bit but I really enjoy the game even it kinda hurts me I just always think about positive side to motivate me and make my character stronger if your on Gunma server please dont hesitate to add me i would love to help new players IGN: iheartNISA HM7 460AP.

Here’s some tips, don’t worry about completing Sogun so much. It’s good money but there’s a lot of people that use the random finder that have no clue what they’re doing. Even at 560 ap, runs are hit or miss pretty much. But if you’re going to keep at it, get your crit% above 50% and get your accuracy to 115-120% and get your hp as high as you can, 55k+. They are more important to have and make up for your lower ap. Also, if you want to really prepare for higher end dungeons, you need to read some guides or watch some videos to have at least a rough idea of what’s coming, even if you don’t completely understand all of the mechanics. I learned mechanics better from this guy’s videos than I did from written ones.

Depending on your class, you may have more or less to worry about for responsibilities, at least for FM, the dungeon is pretty easy. Managed to complete it with mine at 480 ap, 53% crit,120% acc and 57k hp and had no issues hitting anything or getting cc mechanics taken care of or surviving damage.

PS: Anyone using the random party finder(excluding the chat recruitment parties) should expect undergeared or inexperienced players and to be prepared to deal with bumpy runs. I personally don’t mind it, most of my daily runs are just using the random finder and some of my smoothest runs have actually been with undergeared/inexperienced players who needed fight explanations. I love seeing new players breeze through stuff like pros right after they’ve hit 50.

But as a reminder, the toxic players aren’t just the high ap players, this doesn’t just go one way, I’ve run into several newer players who just wanted free stuff and an easy carry and couldn’t care less about actually improving. It can be a real turn off even for the most patient and helpful people when their advice falls on deaf ears.

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