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We’re proud to announce that an old Hearthstone tradition is returning to GosuGamers. GosuCup HCT Europe will run every Friday of April, awarding 7 HCT points to the top four players.

GosuCup HCT Europe will be played in a Bo5 expanded Conquest similar to the tournaments we run for the APAC region (check the full rules for clarification). Before each series, players will go through a class picking process to determine the three classes they will use for that series. While players are allowed to prepare more than three decks for the tournament, duplicate decks for a single class (e.g. bringing Handlock and Zoo for Warlock) is strictly forbidden.

Registrations for the first cup are already open, and it will start April 1st, at 17:00 CET. Players are required to check-in before the tournament, between 15:00 CET and 17:00 CET.

Details and format

  • 128 max slots per cup
    • Slots can be expanded in the future
  • Single elimination, Conquest
  • Best of 5
  • Full rules

Tournament timeline

  • Cups start: Each Friday, 17:00 CET
    • Check-in: 15:00 CET – 17:00 SGT
  • Europe server
  • Cup #1: April 1
  • Registration for Cup #1 opens: Now


  • 7 HCT points per cup
    • 1st place: 3 points
    • 2nd place: 2 points
    • 3rd/4th place: 1 point


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