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It seems like Skill Awakening for other classes will not be too far away. The uistring for Skill Awakening of Cleric, Academic & Kali has been found the Dragon Nest KR client. Take note that these are just preliminary info; the official update content might differ.

The uistring looks very messy and some of the skill descriptions are referring to future skill changes instead of skill awakening. Skill names and description might not match correctly. The post will be clean up after the official update.

Cleric Skill Awakening

Guardian Skill Awakening

Trust Force (Active)

Overwhelming (Active)

[Awakening Passive] Armor Break  (?)
Change to light elemental. Increase damage. Press normal attack after casting to deal additional hits.

[Awakening Passive] Shield Charge (?)
Reduce charging distance, increase damage and AoE. Change to light elemental. The last hit damage is increased by x%.

[Awakening Passive] Divine Punishment

[Awakening Passive] Guardian Force
The shattered shells are randomly scattered to the surrounding and deal damage.  Each shards deal x% of Guardian Force damage.

[Awakening Passive] Stance of Faith

Divine Vengeance (change to active?)
Light elemental
Smash towards the ground and generate shockwave to deal damage to surrouding enemies.
– Generate Aggro.

Stance of Faith (?)
– Gain x Bubble upon casting and guard against enemies’ attack for a short duration.
– Upon successful blocking of enemies’ attack, gain additional x Bubble and automatically attack surrounding enemies with divine force.
– Press Jump to go into Defensive Stance. You cannot move in this stance but you can guard against enemies’ attack for a long duration.
– Defensive stance consume x Bubble per second. The Stance is dispel when your Bubble has been depleted
– Press Jump again to cancel Defensive Stance

????: Gain Bubble when guarding against enemies’ attack. Each Bubble increase STR by x%

????: Gain additional Bubble when casting skills. Press normal attack within x sec after casting skill to use Divine Ascension.

Divine Ascension
– Light elemental
– Attack frontal enemies with shield on successful blocking
– Generate aggro.
– Consume x Bubble

Class Mastery I
– increase VIT
– Gain x physical attack for x sec on successful blocking. CD x sec.

Class Mastery II (?)
– Justice Crash CD is recovered by x sec when Divine Vengeance hit.
– increase movement speed by x%
– reduce damage received by x%

Stance of Faith EX 
– gain additional Bubble on cast. Block duration is increased.
– gain additional Bubble on successful block and deal additional x hit.
– press Normal attack within a certain time after casting trigger Divine Ascension

???? : Magnify divine force and strike towards the ground. When you have Guardian Force buff, you can use Normal Attack to convert it to divine force and deal damage. Light elemental.

????:  Recover x% HP on successful block


Crusader Skill Awakening

Mighty Blow (Active) (?)
Light elemental. Jump high up into the air. Able to move in the air within a certain duration. Strike down onto enemies with lightning.

Hammer Hand (Active)

[Awakening Passive] Divine Combo (?)
Change to Light elemental. Press Normal attack after casting to deal additional damage.

[Awakening Passive] Divine Breaker

[Awakening Passive] Lightning Zap
Recover the CD of Lightning Zap by x sec when it hits. The charger debuff is changed to “Divine Brand” debuff, duration x sec.
When the target was hit by Divine Brand twice, the target will be strike by Divine Judgment after x sec.
Divine Judgement deals x% of Lightning Zap.

[Awakening Passive]Judge’s Power

[Awakening Passive] Holy Relic
Generate a holy sphere at the landing spot of the Holy Relic. The holy sphere increase light-elemental attack of the caster by x %, duration x sec. 

Class Mastery I
STR increase x%
INT increase x%
Increase weapon attack by x% when light elemental skill hits
Reduce the CD of Electric Smite, Electric Smite EX by x sec when light elemental skill hits.
CD x sec.

Class Mastery II (?)
When Electric Smite EX is cast, there is a chance  that it will be changed to Electric Smite INS and can be cast instantly.
Increase phy/mag attack by x%.

Thor’s Hammer (?)
Summon a gigantic hammer and attack frontal enemies. Enemies around the caster are pushed towards the striking point of the hammer.


Saint Skill Awakening

Antiphonary (Active)

Blessing Sign (Active)

[Awakening Passive] Lightning Relic
Increase the damage of Lightning Relic.  Mini relic will be summoned automatically around the Lightning Relic. The Mini Relic deals damage on landing and deal damage to electric field damage continuously to nearby enemies.
Landing damage: x% of Lightning Relic EX
Electric field damage: x% of Lightning Relic EX

[Awakening Passive] Grand Cross

[Awakening Passive] Holy Burst (?)
The AoE of Holy Burst is changed to the surrounding of the relics summoned instead of around the caster.

[Awakening Passive] Great Heal

Class Mastery I
INT increase x%
Increase movement speed by x% when relic skills are used, duration x sec

Class Mastery II (?)
Increase Light elemental attack by x% for x sec when Great Heal is cast.
Increase mag attack by x%.

????: Trigger “Power of Light” when casting skills.  Power of Light recovers the caster HP equal to a certain x% of his mag attack within x sec (up to 2 times)


Inquisitor Skill Awakening

Judgment Spear (Active)

Lightning Storm (Active)

[Awakening Passive] Charge Bolt

[Awakening Passive] Detonate

[Awakening Passive] Avenging Wave

[Awakening Passive] Shock Transition

Class Mastery I
INT increase x%
Deal additional non-elemental damage when attacking electrocuted enemies.


Unsorted Skills

????: Light elemental.  Throw a Divine Chain to the front. On successful hit, pull the chain and charge forward while dealing damage with shield to frontal enemies.

????:  grant additional x% final damage when casting skills

????:  change to light elemental. Press normal attack while casting the skill to accumulate Divine Lightning on hand and unleash to the enemies in front. After executing the combo. press Normal attack to unleash the powerful Divine Lightning.

????: Summon a Divine Point which deal explosive damage at regular interval to surrounding enemies.

????: Maximize the Divine Power within yourself and release it to the surrounding. Targets which are affected by the Divine Power receive additional damage.
Each hit x% (max x hit). Targets which are hit x times receive additional x% damage.


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