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arch heretic A new spin-off class for Cleric has been revealed recently in Dragon Nest Conference of Japan and China: Arch Heretic, the dark version of cleric. Similar to Dark Avenger, Arch Heretic belongs to the dark side of the spin-off classes.

The official introduction for Arch Heretic is as follows:

  • a heretic who has a different faith (from cleric)
  • wield an extendable whip sword (and a shield, as seen from video)
  • mid-range combat with melee weapons
  • high mobility, action combat with charging and evasion

arch heretic

The skill names have been found in the client of Dragon Nest CN v263:

Hand of the Devil
Barbaric Attacks
Death’s Door
Soul Eater
Barbaric Soul
Painful Harvesting
Devil Erosion
Corrupted Earth
Shield Smash
Flood of Suffering
Chaos Shield
Guilty Strike
Wraith Invasion
Fatal Explosion Strike
[Nightmare] Persecution
[Nightmare] Hand of the Devil
[Nightmare] Massacre
[Nightmare] Barbaric Attacks
[Nightmare] Flood of Suffering
[Nightmare] Guilty Strike
Pagan Bishop
Quick Charge
Soul Blade

Skill description and details of the class will be updated in the future on this post.


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