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dark summoner soul eater Dragon Nest KR update for 6th April 2016 includes Dark Summoner & Soul Eater skill changes, Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore mode &  4-man mode, L-grade equipment changes, Creator Nest, difficulties adjustment to Wonderful Theme Park etc

Skill Changes


Negative Ghost: AOE increase slightly (PVE, PVP)

Dark Summoner

Sadism Pleasure: duration increase to 40 sec (PVE)

Soul Eater

Soul Scream
– remove the crit rate reduction effect (PVE, PVP)
– add effect: remove buff on enemies (PVE, PVP)

Specter of Pain EX: improve the animation of additional hits (PVE, PVP)

Yup, that’s all the skill balance for this patch.


Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore/4-man Mode

Ice Dragon Nest
* entry ticket : not required anymore!

Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore Mode
* party size: 5 – 8
* entry ticket: Seed of Snow (Hardcore)
* Clear limit: 1 per week
* Revival limit: 0

Ice Dragon Nest 4-man mode
* party size: 1 -4
* entry ticket: None
* Clear limit: 2 per week
* Revival limit: 3

Ice Dragon Nest 4-man Hardcore mode
* party size: 1 -4
* entry ticket: None
* Clear limit: 1 per week
* Revival limit: 1


L-grade Gear Changes

  1. Categorized according to base class (cleric, warrior, sorceress etc)
  2. Remove set bonus
  3. Base STR, AGI, INT values are adjusted to be the same
  4. Increase final damage after enchanting

Example shown in the picture:
Ice Dragon Sword + 13 
Base stats
Phy Attack: 17557 ~ 24308
Mag Attack: 14850 ~ 20295
VIT: 508
Crit rate: 8552

Enchantment stats
Phy Attack: 9636 ~ 13041
Mag Attack: 7886 ~ 10668
Final damage: 537

L-grade gear changes


Creator Nest (Event Instance)

A new event instance located in the theme park; contain 3 stages, and 1 hidden boss.

Level requirement: Lv 90
Party size: 1 – 4
Entry ticket: Required
Clear count: 3 times per week
Revival count: 3

Can obtain “Tear of Creator” from the dungeon, which can be exchanged for various items including entry ticket, title, heraldry, costume, etc.



The upcoming level cap is Level 93.

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