bladeandsoulbot – Blade & Soul KR Update 20th July: Vortex Temple & Secret Hall of Ebondrake

Blade & Soul KR releases new contents on 20th July 2016, including new 24-man raid – Vortex Temple, 4/6 man instance – Secret Hall of Ebondrake, new legendary-grade Mystic Badge etc.

Vortex Temple

Unlike the previous 24-man raid, Vortex Temple will be released in parts. Part 1 of Vortex Temple which contains 2 stages will be released on 20th July; while Part 2 of the raid will be released later on 17th Aug.

Familiar antagonists such as Zulia and Sogun are seen in the trailer and teaser page. The boss of the 1st stage  seems to be the final boss of Sogun’s Lament which is split into 2 entities.

vortex temple boss1


Secret Hall of Ebondrake

A new 4/6-man instance is released.  The leader of Ebondrake Cult appears to be the last boss of the instance.

ebondrake pantheon boss


New Accessories

New legendary necklace can be obtained from the 1st 2 stages of the raid. The 1st stages drop the ice and flame elemental one while the 2nd stage drop the lightning and earth elemental one. Wind and Shadow elemental necklace will be released later.

Max level effect for Necklace:
Chance to activate Black Wind effect
Chance to inflict Weaken status on target.
Increase crit dmg by 500 when attacking target with Weaken status.

A legendary ring can also be obtained from Secret Hall of Ebondrake.

Max level effect for Ring:
Chance to deal 20% Focus damage to target.
Recover 20% Focus over 3 sec when attacking.
Crit defence + 600, Additional damage + 1800


Content for 3th Aug

Another boss is shown at the teaser page for the update content of 3th Aug. The boss previously appears in the cut scene of Automaton Lab.

new boss


Skill Changes

Blade Master

Raid (2): Lightning elemental effect is removed.

Blade Storm (X)
Tier 2 Stage 1: The duration of Flame Dragon is increased from 4 sec to 6 sec

Bladefence (F)
Tier 3 Stage 3:  The duration of Flame Dragon is increased from 1 sec to 2 sec


Kungfu Master

Awakened Searing Palm (X)
Additional trigger condition: after casting Searing Blow (F), Swift Strike (2)



Mighty Cleave (RB)
Tier 5 Stage 3: damage increase


Force Master

Impact (1)
Tier 5 Stage 1: Retreat (F) can be chained after successful counter.

Divine Ream (Restraint skill, not official English name): increase fire, ice damage

Phantom Grip (4)
Tier 2 Stage 1: CD is changed to 36 sec.

Frost Armor (TAB)
Stage 1,2: Hp recovery is changed to 5%.

Divine Veil (C)
Tier 1 Stage 1: HP recovery is changed to 10%.



Shadow Raid (Restraint skill, no official english name): inflict 1 stack of poison

Shadow Dash, Sidewinder (1)
– the effect is applied faster when it is used on a nearby target

Lightning Crash, Lightning Pierce (F)
– when it is activated, other skill cannot cancel its activation.



Petal Storm (3)
Add Tier 3 Stage 2: Rumblebees (RB) Stage 3 can cast instantly on hit, and deal additional damage of 550%.

Thorn Strike (2)
Tier 1 Stage 1: add effect – Heal the user 10% of the damage dealt; add effect – heal party member within the AoE by 5%
Tier 4/5 Stage 2: new skill – Vine


Blade Dancer

Thunder Slash (X)
Tier 2 Stage 4: add effect – gain 3 sec Lightning Surge
Tier 3 Stage 4: the effect of “gain Lightning Surge for 1 sec on hit” is changed to “generates 3 Lightning Focus in Lightning Surge”.

Sky Slash (X)
Tier 2 Stage 3: add effect – reduce the CD of Raid, Rush, Multi Slash (2) by 6 sec.



Dimensional Salvo (RB): damage increase

Imprison (3)
Tier 4 Stage 1: add effect – when the last hit lands, Dragoncall (4) or Wingstorm (V) can be cast instantly within 6 sec.


Soul Fighter

 Chi Beam (Restraint skill , no official English name): add effect – increase Chi level by 1.


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