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Automaton lab is the latest heroic dungeon released in Blade & Soul Online. The guide explains the stage mechanics and boss’s skills.  The 6-man  mode for this dungeon is made easier with additional +600 attack, +750 hit rate and +1500 pierce buff, on top of 60% damage reduction.  However, without the buff, 4-man Automaton Research Lab is tougher than Naryu Sanctuary.

1st Boss: Mecha Ogong

The 1st boss of Automaton Lab is Mecha Ogong.

Mode 1: Summon Automatons
After some normal attacks, which are pretty much similar to the usual Ogong, the boss will jump to the middle and summon 3 automatons at the positions shown in the figure below.

Automaton Lab Stage 1

The boss will target the furthest member and cast chain lightning on him. The lightning can transmit and jump up to another 2 nearby players. The members who have received the chain lightning will gain a buff which increases the damage when attacking the automaton nearby.

It is very important to kill the 3 automatons as soon as possible to prevent them from healing the boss. Typically, 3 party members gather at a designated location (usually near one of the automaton) to share the lighting buff.

After the chain lightning, the boss will use a whole field AOE attack. Party protection skill should be used here to protect the party members.

Subsequently, the boss will mark the tanker with a 5 sec time bomb (5 sec count down appear on his head). The AOE of the explosion is pretty large, and it will 1-hit KO whoever with the lighting buff.

The boss will then jump on the furthest member. Upon landing, he will check again for the current furthest member and grab him. He can be cc-ed at this time. If the boss is not cc-ed, he will throw the grabbed member very far.

Make sure that the tanker is not the furthest member when the boss tries to grab someone.  This is because the tanker carries a time bomb;  it will definitely kill the 3 nearby party members who has the lightning buff.  The tanker should stay at the middle of the field, and stay away from the boss until the bomb is detonated.

That’s the end of his Mode 1 special attack and he will start using some normal attacks.

Mode 2: Lighting Rod Jump
After some normal attacks,  he will go into Mode 2 and jump to the middle of the field. He will look for the furthest member A and cast chain lightning at him. This time, member A should stand ALONE at the edge of the field, not sharing the lightning buff (unlike in Mode 1).

Take note that, Member A must NOT be one of the member who share the chaining lightning in Mode 1. Additional lightning stack will kill the person instantly.

After that, the boss will jump towards the furthest party member (it should be A) and place a lightning rod on the spot. Assign another party member B to stand at the exact opposite end of the field after the 1st jump.

After jumping on A, Mecha Ogong will jump towards the current furthest member B. This process is repeated up to 6 jumps (see figure below). However, take note that both party member A and B should keep moving around the edge of the field during the jump, either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

The lightning rods emit an electric field and the field must not overlap. Overlapping of electric field of the lightning rod will result in party wipe.

After the 6th jump, the boss will grab the furthest member, which should be Member A if all other members are at the middle of the field. Take note that member A has a special lightning buff from the chaining lightning at the start of Mode 2.

When the boss tries to grab Member A, the buff will be transferred to the boss,  causing it to be weakened for a few second and receive 13% damage. This is an excellent chance to deal high damage to the boss.

Important tips to Mode 2:

  •  make sure that the boss jump towards Member A first.  Member B  need to take note of that, by not standing too far from the boss. This will ensure that member A is the furthest member after the 6th jump.
  • Member A cannot stay too near the lightning rods. The electric field will 1-hit KO whoever carrying the lightning buff.  Therefore, Member A should just keep moving to ensure that he is sufficiently far from the field of the lighting rods.
  • Aside from Member A & B, all party members should just stay at the middle, to avoid interfering with the jump mechanics.

Mecha Ogong will just keep repeating Mode 1 > Mode 2. It is pretty easy once you learn the mechanics.

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