2007RunescapeGold prefer for runescape videos to have a low amount of editing

I know I commented but I just watched you say you’re struggling with law runes. go to the dungeon south of port sarim and kill the ice warriors, you can safe spot them!! they drop runes more commonly than majority of npcs like moss giants etc . they drop 2-6 death runes 2-6 nature runes, they drop 2 cosmic runes and 3 chaos runes. low key best iron man spot for runes and rannar seeds! www.2007RunescapeGold.com is a rs gold selling website with good reputation for many mmorpg online games like OSRS. Runescape etc for years. We stocked heavily for big requirements . 7*24 hours online services to guarantee you to get the delivery in short time. We accept small trial orders .more tries .more trusts. Cheap Runescape Gold is ready for you !welcome to buy now!I may have just gotten lucky but I got 3 ranar seeds in 40 minutes their.

Just came to your channel:D shortly about me: 96 lvl, rsn: L4st Whisper, been playing (grinding) for all the time for tassets, after getting like 20m and failing to get more i quit. Now I am back and continuing grinding stats for zulrah. Gl everyone in giveaways tho.

If youre going to die, die to something other than blue dragons. Everyone’s doing it. If all the streamers jumped off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge too?

I think for me, personally, and unlike most youtube content I watch, 2007RunescapeGold.com prefer for runescape videos to have a low amount of editing. I think it’s because I find them relaxing to watch, so when they are hyper edited with lots of crops and cuts and pics it just turns into another headache inducing makiplier video. Sorry!!

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